Inventory/Store Keeper

Inventory/Store Keeper


Responsibilities and Duties:

– Record the store material receipt and consumption on a daily basis

– Checking the stock as per records

– Receiving materials, stocking, recording of receipts

– Issue materials as per the indent for different works

– General supervision on the site regarding wastage of material, improper use of material etc.,

– Recollecting any balance/unused materials at the end of the working days

– Handing over of the charge of material lying in the site premises of the night security personal from the day security guards

– Update records on display boards and display slates regarding the stock

– Prepare fortnightly/monthly consumption reports jointly with the assistance of relevant staff

– Prepare a list of excess material

– Update the stocks periodically

– Inform the concerned, of the status of balance material in order to raise further indent

– Follow up material suppliers, with prior consent from purchase department, to ensure timely supply

– Maintain records of departmental tools, machinery etc, on site

– Maintain record of cash purchase

– Maintain records of electricity & water bills

– Inform the concerned, of the working condition of the machinery


Qualifications and Skills:

– The ability to pay particular attention to detail, as supervising the store of a construction site, as well as a team of workers involves many different factors

– Well-developed verbal and written communication skills, since a construction site storekeeper must be able to adequately communicate with workers, supervisors, vendors, contractors, subcontractors, and so on

– Excellent management skills, since he or she is in charge of maintaining all the tools and equipment of the construction site and also ensure that they are safe and well-maintained

– Financial acumen, since a construction site storekeeper may be required to file and analyze a large number of financial documents

– Strong multitasking skills which enable him or her to handle several tasks efficiently at the same time

– Good time management skills

– Several years of professional experience in a related or relevant job field/position

– At least Intermediate or equivalent.


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